Saki is a wonderful teacher! She is a talented instructor and pays attention to the needs of her students. She is especially good at fine-tuning and refining students’ technical skills. Most of all, however, she is wonderful to be around and is positive throughout all lessons.”

— Maddie A. NYU Student

I have loved working with Saki! My old voice coach used to be more of an opera singer, and it was not until I started working with Saki that I began to understand my voice. I would recommend her amazing services to anyone and everyone!”

— Isa W.

Working with Saki was a dream! I feel so lucky to have found her. It's like I reached into a haystack and just happened to pull out a thread of pure gold. I'd had no professional training and was dying to get back to that childhood feeling of really being in control of my own voice. From the beginning, Saki broke down the science and physiology of singing for me so that I could intellectually understand what I was doing. Her exercises took me back to basics, and rid me of a lot of bad habits I had no idea I had. She allowed me to record our Zoom sessions so that I could practice with them throughout the week. She's kind, brilliant, very funny, warm, encouraging, and very fairly priced. She gave me exactly the technical foundation I was hoping for, and on top of that she had a really non-intimidating way of coaxing artistry out of you. In terms of working on songs, she let me pick what I wanted to do sing, but when I asked her for suggestions, she came back with several options specifically suited to my voice, with detailed explanations of how each song would help me progress in a specific technical area. She emailed me a summary of what we worked on, as well as educational documents to help me practice more intelligently. Highly, highly recommend.”

— Hadley S.

Saki is a very sweet vocal coach who has been helping me build resonance in my head voice and improve the quality of my mixed voice. I look forward to continue learning with her. ”

— Carrie C.

Saki is a great coach. I've had 3 vocal coaches prior, so I've gotten a taste of different teaching styles. What sets Saki apart is the way that she bridges technique with the sheer value of moving an audience. She is certainly attentive to technique but she also genuinely reacts as if she were an audience member watching you perform and offers such valuable feedback on how to really mean what you sing. She will honestly talk to you about the moments that feel moving and remind you to relate to the words of a song. I also love that she probes to find out what you're feeling physically when you sing and she asks how specific exercises feel. She listens and gives feedback that is tailored to your personal needs. In that way, another great gift of hers is making you feel comfortable. I would definitely recommend her. I'm growing as a singer already and I look forward to learning how to better use my instrument under her guidance.”

— Kiara H.

I've been working with Saki on my voice for a few months now, and I'm having a great experience! She’s very attentive and observant, always able to pinpoint the little things I need to adjust in order to make better sounds. The biggest problem I’ve always had is vocal strain and throat discomfort (even when speaking!) because of improper technique. Saki knows what I should do differently in order to stop the strain. My throat feels less tense after I apply what she tells me to fix. Even my speaking voice has changed for the better! The best part about working with Saki is that I can tell she genuinely cares about her students' progress and is as excited about their vocal growth as the students themselves. I appreciate how encouraging and patient she is. Saki is someone who I highly recommend for lessons!”

— Betty H.

Saki is an incredible teacher. Her approach is that of compassion. She took her own time to send me helpful singing tips we discussed in our sessions. Her dedication is inspiring and her passion for what she does is empowering. Anybody who has the pleasure of having Saki as a voice teacher is in for a lovely experience.”

— C.W.

Saki is such a wonderful instructor. She is kind, caring, and encouraging. Saki assesses where you are at and also manages to incorporate your goals. I look forward to our sessions weekly! I definitely would recommend her as a pro that you would want to work with.”

— Hanan A.

Working with Saki was a great experience. I was able to improve my vocal skills a lot and the lessons were very fun in general. I would recommend anyone to try vocal lessons from her!”

— Tony O. NYU Student

Saki is fabulous. Knowledgeable; excellent teacher; made the process fun for my daughter. ”

— William Z.

Saki was able to work with me on strengthening my voice and becoming a more confident vocalist. She worked with me on technique and style and improved me all around!”

— Meghan B. NYU Music Business Student