Training Philosophy

My teaching style is taller-made for each student and his/her development. Since singing is a combination of technique and expression, and is very physical and emotional, I aim to help each of my students gain that balance of emotionality with technique. 

In my lessons, I specifically focus on: 

- Unlocking voice and least amount of work to release “air flow” 

- Basic fundamentals (breath energy, resonance, and vault/space) 

- Physicality and acoustics (source, filter, balance, alignment, efficient placement) 

- Musicianship (accuracy, phrasing, reading scores) 

- Increase the range 

- Provide a toolbox to adjust their instrument 

- Making the voice flexible to let dimensions and colors come out 

- Truthful communication as a storyteller (acting coaching)  

- Audition Preparations 


 I also studied voice science through the NYU Voice Center under the SLPs and Laryngologists, so I understand how the vocal system works. 

I will provide explanations that make sense using anatomy and physiology!


**Please contact us for rates and availability.